100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We work with a lot of companies who start the conversation with us, “well the last company we used didn’t accomplish anything, completely screwed up our message, and our backlink profile, and we still had to pay them…”  Our clients never say that and we will always do anything-it-takes to make sure that doesn’t change.

If at the end of any project a client feels as though SRN did not do what they say there were going to do, or did not put forth the best effort to achieve results, we will:

  • Fix
  • Refund or
  • Provide credit towards another project.

In full dis-closure, we have provided two client’s with project credits in the past (less than 2% of all clients and projects). But we have NEVER had a client ask for a full refund of our services.

We measure our success by how much traffic we bring our clients and by how much business they ask us to do after our first project is over.

We have more clients ask us to do work we don’t even specialize in, based on the way we manage our existing project work.  Any small business that continues to grow year after year is doing something right.  Several of our out growth services came from clients who wanted us to manage other marketing projects based on the success and satisfaction they feel when they work with us.

SearchRankings.Net has grown EVERY YEAR since we signed our first client in 2008.  Our founders have grown multiple businesses since 1995 and have NEVER had a down year.  Love what you do, and the people you do it with, and growth can be your biggest challenge, not the lack of growth, the never ending flow of growth…