For over a decade, the Search Rankings Team has delivered GUARANTEED business driven online solutions for customers who want to:

  • Increase their customers, sales & profits
  • Grow their business online & offline
  • Strengthen their competitive advantage
  • Rank on page 1 of Google & other key search engines
  • Defend their reputations & “tell their OWN story”
  • Eliminate wasteful online marketing costs

And while countless tools, technologies and tactics have changed over years – with today’s best practices quickly becoming yesterday’s obsolete approaches — there are 3 core fundamentals that have established our foundation and powered our vision since day one:

1. We’re all about RESULTS

Many SEO Consultants are essentially technicians who fall in love with technology, and lose sight of the fact that technology is just a means to an end – not an end unto itself.

At Search Rankings, we love technology, too – but only because we use it to generate bottom-line business RESULTS for our customerss. Technology that doesn’t advance us towards that goal is immediately discarded and replaced with something that does. It’s really that simple.

2. We earn TRUST

While many factors go into creating a robust and progressive business relationship, without question the most important factor is TRUST.

At Search Rankings, we’ve always understood that trust is something to be earned – never assumed. That’s why we provide regular progress reports, offer clear jargon-free advice, and of course, deliver guaranteed results. We’re leading edge when it comes to business driven online solutions, but will always build trust “the old fashioned way” through accountability and transparency.

3. We’re an INVESTMENT

As every business person knows, not all costs are created equal. There are expenses that cannot be avoided and regarded as “necessary evils.” And then there are shrewd INVESTMENTS that deliver measurable ROI.

At Search Rankings, we’re absolutely the latter. Our efficient systems and targeted solutions are all designed to deliver outstanding value. And the best evidence that we’re a “buy and hold” investment is that we’ve thrived for more than 10 years in a field where the average company lifespan measured in weeks and months. Longevity doesn’t lie.

The Bottom-Line

Ultimately, the fundamentals of RESULTS, TRUST and INVESTMENT set us apart from our competition – and even more importantly, elevate our clients to the next level.
After all, when your tagline is “business driven online solutions,” you’d better have the people, technology, systems and solutions to deliver. And that’s what we do for every customer, every day — without compromise!

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