As a business owner, you want to reach and serve more local customers – so that you can generate more sales, revenues and profits. But how do you make this happen? It’s easy: you boost your success with some LOCAL FUEL!  Local Fuel helps Search Engines and new customers find your business online.

Introducing Local Fuel

Local Fuel is our *new* ongoing local business citation building service. Our team of SEO experts will:

  • IDENTIFY all of your existing business citations, which are local references to your business’s “NAP+W” (Name, Address, Phone and Website).
  • ENHANCE your business citations by ensuring that they appear in all relevant local business directories and other sources.
  • FIX all incorrect business citations, which may be the result of outdated information, input error or some other issue.
  • ALIGN all of your business citations, so that they have the same, complete information.
  • IMPROVE your business citations completeness while insulating you from some of the highest impact negative ranking factors.

Do Business Citations Really Matter?

In a word: YES!

In more than a word: There are two key reasons why business citations really matter; an obvious reason, and an unobvious one. As you’ll see, the latter is far more important for your overall business success than the former!

As for the obvious reason, having business citations on the web helps prospective customers find you. For example, if a prospect is searching through a business directory for a local home improvement contractor and that is your specialization, then obviously you want to be found here among your competitors.

However, the less obvious – and more important! – reason why business citations matter, is because search engines like Google view them as signals that validate your business as legitimate. Search engines also use citations to better understand the nature of your business (e.g. category associations), and the areas that you serve (e.g. city, neighborhood). Furthermore, mobile applications and even in-vehicle GPS systems use structured citations that are fed by major US Data Aggregators of location data.

Need to Have or Nice to Have?

We’ve been leaders in the SEO field for over a decade, and the evidence proves beyond any doubt that Identifying, Fixing, Aligning, Enhancing, and Improving local business citations is a “need to have” function and not a “nice to have” one. And that’s why we created Local Fuel, because most of our customers are simply too busy leading their business to manage this critical function on an ongoing basis. And since local SEO is our specialty, we do it faster, cheaper and with better results than they ever could. So hiring us simply makes smart business sense.

Get Started

Sign-up for Local Fuel today, and then sit back as our experts rapidly put your business on track to reach and serve more local customers – so that you can generate more sales, revenues and profits! Click here and get started now.