After all the Google updates, algorithm changes, new map features, content farm penalties and new meta tag reviews have forced you and your team into complete website rewrite meetings everyday, where can you go for a little peace? Our offices have been dealing with questions, changes, and panic attacks on a daily basis since January, but have faith and a little perspective, all is not lost, and as long as both your business and your website fundamentals are still strong, you will survive, do a few things right and you just might thrive!.

I’ve been in technology for 20 years, and I’ve been through trials, traumas, and even a few tragedies, but after 20 years, all trails and traumas are always much bigger in the midst of them, then before or after. Google 2011 is no different. These latest changes are just that, latest changes and there are more on the way, instead of throwing everyone in a room and having a public panic attack, just put your team together analyze the information, make plans to change what you need to change, and let go of the rest.

In a nut shell all of our analysis has show us that all the latest changes should not negatively affect your website as long as the site structure is correct, and verified by Google’s Webmaster Tools. Your content is up to date, relevant to the overall website theme, and you haven’t gone completely overboard with any of your link building campaigns and purchased text link advertising that makes it obvious that you purchased text link advertising.

Finally, talk with your website developers, marketing team and SEO consultants if you have them, to stay up on all the latest changes. Then just start consistently reviewing and updating your website to increase the exposure you receive from the Search Engines. There is no need to panic, just move forward.