Authority Backlinks

As Google gained its share of the Search Engine market, it based its premise and its algorithm on popularity. How popular your website is to the public can and will drive traffic to any website you are linked with. As time went on and Google itself became more popular, links alone would not increase your website ranking. With each iteration of the algorithm Google began detecting relevance, and content. Flash Forward 10+ years and Google is giving much more value to “Authority Websites”. High authority websites not only attract large amounts of website traffic, but they also have strong inbound links, high value, relevant content and strong on – page optimization which makes it easy for Google to validate the websites authority.

Once you get past the fundamentals of great SEO, then it comes back down to links. One of the factors in determining the value of a high authority site is not only the inbound links, which have to be fantastic, but also the outbound links. The number and relevance of the outbound links are now becoming important in validating the high authority websites. If a website is free of outbound links to what we call the “PPC” of website links, PPC = Porn, Pills, and Casinos, the site will rank higher and it will have a higher authority score than a site that allows the same links. Obviously the exception to this rule is if you are trying to rank for one of the aforementioned terms. Most often that type of outbound link is irrelevant anyway. However in the link broker and acquisition business it is very challenging to find high authority backlinks that will follow the terms and conditions of a high value site. Good publishers are in the business of creating popular websites in order to rent space to advertisers and make money.

As 2010 continues SearchRankings.Net is going to continue its efforts of creating more high Authority Backlinks within our existing network. They are one of the primary sources of great search engine results. We are continuing to work with our Publishing Network to increase popularity, relevance and high authority within their websites. As your business continues to work on your campaigns, and improve your rankings it is always a good idea to review your links and complete a good SEO_Audit every few months in order to rank consistently.