Stay Google Video Series

SearchRankings.Net has launched a brand new website with the focus on providing the best information on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.  In our first video series we discuss one of the many Google Updates to affect the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).  The series is called “Staying Google Safe”, and the message short and sweet.  Monitor your website fundamentals, and provide the best user experience you can.  If you focus on these areas, your website will continue to benefit from Search Engine traffic.

Google Panda Update

The Google Panda Update came out almost 2 years ago, and the update was focused on “Thin Content”.  The Panda Update is a content filter, Google runs the Panda Update Content filter when it wants to “clean up and clear out” a bunch of thin content aimed at driving artificial traffic versus high quality unique content on a website.  The Panda Update can affect a website in two significant ways; first if your website is using “Thin Content”, usually purchased content, spun content or scraped content from other places on the web, Google can reduce the authority and search rankings for those pages within your website.  Google can also reduce your page authority and overall domain health as a result of having too much “Thin Content” on your website.  This is direct action taken against your website.

A second way the Panda Update can affect your website is if you have been getting backlinks from websites or content sites that are losing page authority, or pages that link to your website are ultimately removed from the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).   This is an indirect affect, but as you lose backlinks, your website will be at risk of losing Search Rankings based on the loss of backlinks.

How To Stay Google Panda Safe

Write high quality unique content that will benefit your users.  Update and release new content at least once a month.  Make sure you are monitoring Google Webmaster Tools for errors and site structure issues you can address.  Conduct and audit of your Backlink Profile every month, and look to see if you are gaining good backlinks or losing them.  Based on your analysis, increase the number of good links pointing to your website.  Hint, the best way to get good backlinks pointing to your website (outside of working with a great SEO Company, like SearchRankings.Net), is to create great content, info-graphics, stories and videos that other websites want to link to.  Make your website “Link Worthy”.

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