Going Social Now

As we close out the first decade of 2000 and jump head first into 2010, SearchRankings.Net is getting ready to enter the uncomfortable waters of Social Media. The founders of SearchRanking.Net have been in hosting and web site application development since 1995, which means we aren’t 20 anymore, and as much as we owe our success to the rapid growth of new technology, the latest new technology rips the last cloak off any separation between personal and professional life. Nothing in my 20 years of business has made me feel more naked than social media. So as we get ready to “streak” a crossed that field, we thought this month would be a good opportunity to let you know what we have done in Social Media, what you should be mindful of, and where we are going with it.

Like most of our products and services, they start with our clients asking us to help them achieve some outcome. In September of 2009 we had a client that has been in the retail business for 25 years, but had ZERO social media exposure. We worked on an ultra aggressive campaign in order to increase web site traffic both through SEO and Social Media in order to generate as much traffic as possible for the Christmas season. In 90 days we were able to redesign their blog, launch a YouTube channel, increase Facebook Fans from 0 to 17,000, increase Twitter Followers from 0 to 6,000, and increase the frequency of QVC specials in 2009. An important note, the success of our ultra rapid campaign was dependent on the amount of content our client already had available and the accessibility to staff to continue the social media conversation with existing customers. This company is in the publishing business so content was readily available. We are in the process of turning this super success story into a case study, but you can read more about this by clicking here. Social Influence Case Study

What does this mean for your business? In addition to strong Search Engine Services, your business can benefit from a good Social Influence Marketing plan. Social Influence Marketing is more than the mechanics of setting up blog’s, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and taking advantage of several rich multimedia sites that will all help you connect with users, customers and prospects. In making the connection, you must understand the commitment your company and your staff will need to make to provide value to your users through Social Media. Good Social Media will deepen a relationship with your users and customers, you will be able to survey your most active users and develop new products and services based on how you engage with them and what content you make available to them. It’s more than running contests on Facebook, it’s about finding creative, exciting and transparent ways of engaging a user base. Stay tuned this quarter as SearchRankings.Net takes what it learned from working with some of it’s clients and begins to engage with our clients, staff and network using social media.