SearchEngineLand.Com recently published an info-graphic of The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors.  It’s one of the best graphical descriptions of both the results and consequences of website optimization I’ve seen.  It focuses on all the things I talk about every month, SEO Fundamentals (HTML & Architecture), Content, Links, Social Signals and Authority (Trust).  The graphic speaks for itself, and is leading my team to create a few similar info-graphics to further explain how SEO really works.  For example, we get questions every day, about what a backlink really is.  After publishing a ton of content on backlinks and videos about how they work, we still get questions about backlinks.  We will post the info-graphic as soon as it is ready.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors


Another frequently asked question I, “do backlinks really work, or do they work like they use to?”  The answer is yes, Google was born on links, and unless they decide to turn into an all out social signals and recommendation engine, it will always use links to define website popularity.  The difference between links in 2012 and links in 2005 is website quality and relevance.  7 years ago it was very difficult to judge website quality, and relevance, and even harder to index the enormity of the web.  This is why changes to the Google Algorithm were annual.  These days changes can be weekly, and Google has the ability to index new pages within days.  Just type in “The Google Freshness Update” into Google and read about how Google is ranking new unique content above sites without fresh content.

Evergreen Your Content

Speaking of adding fresh content to your website, SearchRankings.Net has been working hard this month to build out a newsletter, update its social profiles and build out a new knowledgebase of SEO Answers to help visitors to our site.  We plan on rolling this out during the first quarter.  We will be testing all this new content and we are excited to see how it affects our overall PR, and our organic SearchRankings.  Stay tuned for new information being published more frequently at SearchRankings.Net