Rankings are up!  Traffic is up!  Sales are up!  That’s great, where is your traffic coming from?  At SearchRankings.Net we work with a lot of large clients who rank for thousands of terms, and drive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to their sites every month.  At times we have a tendency to over shadow fundamentals and metrics because everything is up.  How much more “up” would sales be if we knew where are traffic is coming from?  How much more “up” would sales be if we knew what traffic converts the best?

Every business needs to know the numbers, every business owner knows this.  In business you need to know revenue, expense, profit, cash flow and burn rate.  These are the basics, if you don’t know these numbers you won’t be around long enough to dive deeper into what makes you money.  Same holds true for rankings, where do you rank, what traffic are you getting from your primary keywords and what keywords would produce even more traffic.  Know Your Numbers, and update your numbers every month.

There are a number of great packages out there to manage your website metrics.  Google Analytics is the best known and it’s almost free.  You will need to spend time (which I consider a cost), to set it up, learn how it works, and monitor it, in order to get the best use out of it.  Most importantly you have to use it, and make strategic decisions based on the info you receive.  It’s the equivalent of looking at your overtime report 30 days after the overtime occurred, too little, too late.  There are several other paid programs that will monitor website metrics, Ominature and Webtrends are probably the two most popular.

Know Your Numbers, if you don’t SEO will not be as effective as it could be.  https://searchrankings.net/