Increase Your Authority

Since Google came on the scene many years ago and introduced “Page Rank” as a means of measuring a web sites quality and exposure, there have been analysts who have tried to determine what makes up Page Rank. There are many things that Google could be taking into consideration when determining page rank, one of them is web site authority. Web site authority like any other form of authority, is how much expertise your web site provides on a given subject or theme. The more qualified information you provide on your given theme the more authority your web site will have. Web site authority is important, because it can increase your page rank, and it can also greatly enhance your link building campaigns.

There are two basic ways to increase the authority of your web site, first you can build up the inbound links you have linking to your web site from other high authority web sites. As a client of SearchRankings.Net you have this area covered. The second way to increase your web site authority, is to add more content and become more of an authority on your given subject or theme. The more high quality unique content you add to your site, the more you can increase your web site authority. It is important to increase your high quality unique content because it continues to force Google deeper into your site and as Google indexes your web site and all that new content based on a consistent theme, your page rank will increase.

The most important reason you want to increase your web site authority is it will increase the number of natural inbound links you will begin to receive from other web sites. They will find your web site by searching online, and will begin to link to your web site based on the content on it. The more natural links you receive the more terms you will rank for and less dependent you will be on link acquisition in the long term. Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to create the high quality unique content yourself, there are several content providers out there who will write it for, so just like your managed SEO services you can automate the content coming into your site the same way.

SearchRankings.Net has just launched a new content creation and management program, and our staff writers are ready to help you increase your web site authority today. Please give the office a call today and we can walk you through the process.