A really good SEO_Audit can be the difference between good search engine results and great results. Over the years I have looked at dozens of online SEO_Audit tools that will help you improve your website. Most provide advice on how best to organize your site for the best exposure. Unfortunately no tool provided a comprehensive set of tools, or data you could plug right into your site to help your rankings. We still use these tools when we audit our client’s web sites. In addition to the online tools we use, we have developed a few tools of our own that give us an even deeper look at a website. Our tools help us review; content, competition and keyword research to provide a comprehensive set of data. Used correctly this data can help us efficiently manage a campaign and drive qualified traffic to our clients’ websites.

More important than the data itself it all needs to be analyzed, and reported in such a way that a company can use it. It’s one thing to know that you currently have a web crawling error, it’s more important to know what you need to do to fix it. Same goes for an incorrect 301 redirect on the ‘www’ view of your domain name. A great SEO_Audit will come with the following information; a good checklist for what needs to be done, a full detailed report of what was found, why it needs to be changed and how to change it. Whatever service or tool you use should also come with a real person who can walk you through the data you received, and better yet, help you implement and test the changes you make to your website in order to determine the effectiveness.

How often should you go through a comprehensive SEO_Audit? It depends on the size and complexity of your website, but we recommend once a quarter for large sites, and once every 6 months for all other sites. In addition to just fixing some of the details on your website, there are always new tools and new Search Engine updates coming out that your website will need to address in order to guarantee your top search engine rankings.

SearchRankings.Net has just released and updated version of our Advanced SEO_Audit and it includes the following checks:

Domain Age
Domain Redirects
Home PageRank
Sub PageRank
Google Site Verification
Google WMT Crawl Errors
SiteMap verification

Number of Top 20 terms
Unique Visitors
Conversion Form

Blog Grade
Number of Indexed Pages
RSS Feed
Meta Tag review – Web Page Title
Meta Tag review – Meta Descriptions
Meta Tag review – Meta Keywords
Content review
Anchor Text Report

WSG Inbound Link Number
BackLink Check

Call SearchRankings.Net now and schedule an Advanced SEO_Audit right now and you can be sure your website will be Optimized for 2011!