It’s Christmas! Well almost, and if you are in a retail business that depends on the holiday season, you should have already started to increase your link building campaigns. Just like traditional marketing and advertising any business that is trying to attract customers began to advertise as soon as the “Back To School” ads came down. If you have not started to build up your web site and your Search Engine Marketing strategies you can’t wait any longer.

What can you do right now to increase your rank? Here are the top three things you can do TODAY that will give your web site the best opportunity to generate traffic and revenue.

01. Get and SEO_Audit today. A thorough SEO_Audit will point out those things you must do to your existing web site to increase your rankings. There are lots of SEO_Audits available online, most will tell what to fix, the best SEO_Audit will also tell you step by step how to fix your web site. If you are interested in a SearchRankings.Net Premium SEO_Audit please contact us.

02. Research your Keywords, and if you haven’t researched your keywords within the last 90 days, research them again. It’s easy to take your keywords for granted, and it only takes 5 minutes to determine if you should be optimizing for new keywords that have a greater search volume, than the words you are currently optimized for. Just go up to Google’s Adword Keyword Tool ( and type in a few of the keywords you are currently optimized for. Google will return similar keywords and the monthly search term volume for each keyword. With this critical information you can decide if you should add keywords to your existing Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

03. Review your Goals (again). A Top Ten Search Ranking isn’t the goal, it’s necessary to achieve the goal, but the goal is to increase Revenue, users, and web site traffic. Review who you are targeting and exactly what you want them to do when they get to your web site. Sometimes we can get caught up in the mechanics of getting ranked, and we don’t spend the time working on our target markets, and conversion strategies until after we get ranked. Spend the time now to review your goals, your target markets and your conversion strategies and you make more money.