Special Note! SearchRankings.Net has been busy this quarter preparing for the launch of a brand new website. It is not uncommon for a busy professional services firm, to neglect internal website properties and marketing materials. Growing companies are so grateful for good customers, they spend all their time completing high quality work, getting referrals (often unsolicited), and moving on to the next customer, client or project. SearchRankings.Net has grown year over year for the last 5 years based on this model.


With SearchRankings.Net 3.0, we made a conscious decision to blow up our existing model; bring our partners in, expand our products, services and consulting into a, Full Service Online Marketing Company. Actually our clients turned us into a Full Service Company a few years ago.


Over the next few days, we will be sending an invitation to our customers to checkout our new website, kick the tires and let us know what you think. Our new website is going to be an interactive example of all the marketing information we use and build for our customers. We won’t just have case studies on our website, we will be a case study; organic search results, crazy traffic numbers, campaigns with “acceptable cost per acquisition” components, tested and proven CTA’s (Calls To Action), and the blueprint to do it all yourself! If and when you have questions, we will be introducing a new “SEO_Answers” section to the site as well. You know where to reach us when you need our team to do it for you as well.


The SEO Tip for this month is on website redesign and reconstruction. It’s a combination of the art of compelling design, and the science of testing. The success is in the details, the details are many, the rewards are plentiful and often to the few. Here are 3 quick tips you should consider for your next website redesign, upgrade or even tweak. If you incorporate these suggestions into your current web properties you will increase conversions.


The Secret Elements of Design

Know your audience and what motivates them to buy your products or services. Design the site through their eyes and with their tendencies in mind. If you don’t know what your audience wants, call your clients and ask them. You can guess and assume, or you can ask and test, how much time do you have?


Acquire Great Content

If you can’t write great content, get someone who can. Diluted content is everywhere in our new 140 character attention span world, great content is like the deep, rich desert of story telling. Story telling is the key to all great content. It’s also the key to great movies, books and TV shows.


Add Video

Just do it and see your conversions rise. We will write more on the this topic in the future. We are also producing a webinar about using video on your website. *FACT, the last two clients we worked with who incorporated video into their online campaigns, saw a 50% increase or better in conversions. Remember the last marketing campaign you ran with a 50% conversion rate?

Stay tuned, more to follow.